This visa category applies to people, who wish to perform services in a specialty occupation,
Work Visa authorizes individuals who aspire to travel to overseas for the purpose of securing employment or take up arranged employment. Applicants, who are highly skilled and qualified professional, who are interested in searching jobs or are already appointed by a company according to the General Labor Agreement would be issued this visa. MyGC provides comprehensive assistance for obtaining a work visa.

Generally, work visas are not issued for ordinary, routine and secretarial jobs. Professionals with an advanced degree and extraordinary abilities are generally preferred by the overseas employers/countries. The job categories are divided as skilled workers, professionals and other workers. The main criteria for a work visa stipulated by many countries are that the applicants add value to their economy and contribute positively.

Work Visa is issued from the country of origin. Every year thousands of people migrate to different countries in search of employment or take up arranged employment. The occupations include information technology specialists, cultural exchange participants, artists, investors, researchers, nurses, religious workers, scientists, agricultural workers, athletes, and others. The applicants must acquire permission to work legally in the country they choose to migrate. Each and every employment category has various conditions, requirements and authorized periods of stay. It is extremely important to adhere to the terms and conditions of your application for the purpose of admission and visa.
MyGC is build on the principles of Genuine Intent, and No fraud policy and it strives to ensure that any visa applicant is completely prepared to face the interview.